Nvidia joins supercomputing consortium to help battle COVID-19

Nvidia joins supercomputing consortium to help battle COVID-19

Tech organizations, scholastics, and government offices from around the globe are progressively making their supercomputing assets accessible to analysts taking a shot at medications for COVID-19. The expectation is that by utilizing an abundance of handling power, analysts can assist the revelation of medications to battle the infection.

Nvidia on Monday reported it has joined the COVID-19 High-Performance Computing Consortium, a group of industry, the scholarly world, and government organizations quickening techniques to identify, contain and treat the most recent coronavirus.

Nvidia said its team of PC researchers joining the battle have aptitude over a scope of controls including drug find, sub-atomic elements, genomics, clinical imaging, AI, supercomputing and information investigation. In particular, the GPU producer will assist by applying its AI to enable the consortium to process information quicker and upgrade the gathering’s supercomputers for higher throughput.

The gathering is being driven by Ian Buck, VP and head supervisor of Nvidia’s quickened registering division.

Buck said the COVID-19 Consortium is the Apollo Program within recent memory. The rocket ships are GPU supercomputers, and their fuel is logical information,” Buck said.

The COVID-19 Consortium gives access to segments of more than 30 supercomputing frameworks offering more than 402 petaflops of execution (that is 105,334 hubs, 3,539,044 CPU centers, and 41,286 GPUs and checking).

Quantum PC producer D-Wave a month ago said it was offering quick and free access to its quantum PCs for anybody chipping away at COVID-19 reactions.

Existing consortium individuals incorporate IBM, Amazon, AMD, Google, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft from the tech part. A full rundown of accomplices can be found over on the consortium site.

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