Once And Only for Huge Companies, ‘Web making is avoided by internet

By Sontech, November, 2019

Once And  Only for Huge Companies, ‘Web making is avoided by internet

In January 2017, the news was announced that the Amazon succeeded in blocking bots from Walmart. This results in Amazon rumors recording “millions of times a day”. Scratch competitor prices every 20 minutes and adjust accordingly, “If you don’t have the right price, you see it almost immediately [Trade decreases]”.

The scratching Web is a secret. Fortune and 500 companies use the original growth hack to stay competitive in price, inform strategy, and measured customer sentiment.

Knowledge is power.

What started as a one-way to tool to extract data from online and promote competition for the benefit of the consumer is a weapon race where the target websites try to prevent data collection to achieve a competitive advantage.

A third-party service has been emerged to help the target websites identify and block competitors who scrap data.

Even the smarter is giving false information.

For example, it provide the bot with a higher cost than it actually does, preventing the scrap from the planning, not the mechanism.

To avoid false information (also known as spoofing or cloaking) or blocking issues, companies employes proxy networks.

A proxy networks is a data center based on the router that routes or requests proxies to hide identities. However, these networks can be identified by savvy companies. The need for the solutions comes in the form of peer-to-peer networks (P2P), also known as residential IP networks.

A P2P network has consisted of consumers who want to route some commercial demand over an IP in exchange for profit (eg, free use of applications, browsing without advertising, use of the P2P network itself, etc.).

Thus, companies that gather intelligence on these networks can view the Internet as a consumers see it without the risk of mockery or blocking.

The potential for a scratching is too far beyond the price war. The internet is flooded with poorly organized data waiting to be exploited.

How companies use data scraping.

Some companies are generate very higher-quality sales than buying contact lists and get higher quality leads in the process. Some boards work from scratch to find growing the companies and monitor the social media of companies just getting funded.

For example, the Proven is a skincare company that cuts a customer reviews to create highly personalized products.

They are constantly updating a database of 8 million reviews, 100,000 beauty products,and 4,000 scientific articles on ingredients used in skincare and their products.

Machine learning algorithms find links between these and develop highly customized cleanses, creams, and toners tailored to conditions such as age, skin type, ethnicity, and acne. Customers complete a questionnaire to make sure they adhere to AI-supported skincare and recommend a skincare system.

The arms race in the online advertising industry is ramping up. For example, major publishers need to prevent hackers from the using a programmatic advertising platform to spread virus and malware to end-users.

As a result, we are constantly and scraping the incoming server to make sure that the content is safe and legal.

The problem is that once the hackers know that the publishers is calling the server, he sends the current announcement, so everything will appears correctly.

If the ad publishers appear as regular online users, and fake advertisements are released and may prevent publishing. The ability to scan the ad server as a regular consumer is a way to protect viewers from fake ads and ads that can be harmful.

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