Steve Wozniak claims he is probably patient zero for US coronavirus, but wife says she has a sinus infection

Steve Wozniak claims he is probably patient zero for US coronavirus, but wife says she has a sinus infection

There’s lot of misinformation about the coronavirus floating round online, and it seems one well-known name isn’t helping the situation. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak yesterday tweeted that he and his spouse may both be patient 0 within the US after returning from China with flu-like symptoms.

Wozniak tweeted that his spouse has an awful cough that started on January 4 while the pair lower back from China. With the first show the case of COVID-19 inside the US on January 21, the pair ought to were some of the first humans to bring the virus to America—however, it appears unlikely.

Speaking to USA Today, Janet Wozniak stated that she had been diagnosed with sinus contamination upon getting checked out.

Wozniak told CNET that the pair had been each tormented by a sore throat and coughing on their return from China, which became “the worst flu of our lives.” He notified the CDC, however, the corporation simplest sent “a boilerplate response” approximately washing his hands.

“Because we had GI symptoms, it may be a few different virulent flus. Janet turned into coughing up blood and went to the health center and they stated it changed into no American flu. We have now not been capable of getting tested in this country. Had our go back from SE Asia been today, we’d genuinely had been examined and quarantined, with the signs and symptoms we had. But it wasn’t treated as crucial returned then,” he said.

Wozniak brought that whilst the patient zero remarks become “type of a joke,” he believes the pair may want to have had coronavirus because the CDC won’t test them now as it’s past the time period taken into consideration for signs and symptoms.

“I think that our GI symptoms would healthy a few different flus because you rarely hear of that with COVID-19. But there’s no manner to ruse us out.”

There were six deaths inside the US from the coronavirus, all in Washington state. There also are nine cases in Santa Clara. Wozniak lives in Los Gatos, California.

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