The GOG Galaxy 2.0 rolling out for all users soon

The GOG Galaxy 2.0  rolling out for all users soon

The GOG Galaxy 2.0 rolling out for all users soon

The PC-centered virtual distribution platform GOG (once known as Good Old Games) has come to a long manner when you consider that its inception. While it began out as a manner for unfashionable gaming fiends to grab well-optimized antique-faculty games at a less costly price, it has evolved (and rebranded) overtime to ship both new and antique PC titles without the luggage of DRM.

Several months ago, GOG took the following breakthrough with the open beta for GOG Galaxy 2.0; the second main iteration of its Steam-like gaming client. The unique GOG Galaxy was smooth and clean to use, even as housing numerous basic functions like achievements, cloud saves, and client-based downloads (in place of downloading setup .Exes from the GOG website).

GOG Galaxy, on the alternative hand, expands upon the one’s features. In addition to a whole visible overhaul (which has proven slightly controversial), Galaxy 2.0 provides a greatly-better library organization, a new interest hub, and unified library functionality. That last feature is arguably the biggest selling point for Galaxy 2.0: a unified library means you may sync your diverse sports collections — along with the ones on a Uplay, Steam, and Battle.Net — and manage them from one place.

You still want to (at the least briefly) run every character client, however, GOG offers you brief install and plays buttons, whilst additionally tracking information like your playtime. This characteristic is specifically useful when you have a massive collection of digital content and do not feel like manually sifting through each client’s titles to find a selected sport.

With that short evaluation out of the way, let’s get to present-day news so that you can probably be bittersweet for a few of our readers. If you, like myself, choose some components of the original GOG Galaxy (along with its simple, shelf-like library design), you’ll need to supply it up soon: GOG Galaxy 2.0 is eventually leaving beta in the “coming weeks,” meaning the antique client could be formally deprecated.

We’re not sure exactly how this upgrade procedure will work for now. GOG did send out an e-mail to affected customers, which you can view above, but it’s scarce on details. As such, we have reached out to GOG for added information, and we’ll replace this newsletter while we receive a response.

If you don’t feel like looking ahead to the inevitable, you can download GOG Galaxy right here.

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