You do not need a GeForce RTX GPU to get right of entry to RTX Voice, after all

You do not need a GeForce RTX GPU to get right of entry to RTX Voice, after all

You do not need a GeForce RTX GPU to get right of entry to RTX Voice, after all

Those who bought into the RTX hype and snagged one of Nvidia’s ultra-modern GPUs received a pleasant little bonus these days in the shape of “RTX Voice” — or so it seemed. This app claims to apply AI to lessen or outright cancel microphone historical past noise, and it became handiest meant to characteristic for RTX card owners. However, as consistent with the usual, the net has circumvented those limitations.

A consumer over at the Guru3D forums found that RTX Voice works “just fine” without a pricey RTX GPU in your machine. Indeed, the convenience with which the man or woman becomes capable of obtaining this feat suggests that Nvidia’s restrictions are only arbitrary, and handiest meant to artificially increase the attraction of RTX cards.

The user, recognized as “David Lake,” observed that through launching the RTX Voice installer on an unsupported system once (receiving the set up failed message) and then editing a specific document, they were able to re-run the software and installation it normally. The record in the query is called “RTXVoice.Navi,” and the phase you need to edit is labeled “constraints.”

By deleting the following the whole thing between the outlet and remaining brackets for that segment, the RTX GPU requirement can successfully be lifted (although you may still need an Nvidia card). You simply want to re-run the RTXVoice setup.Exe (located in C:tempNVRTXVoice via default) and enjoy. While I become unable to check this method myself (I don’t have a non-RTX card handy), other outlets have confirmed Lake’s findings.

Users document walking into troubles or mixed results on older GTX cards, specially 900-collection offerings, but for the most part, the performance impact of RTX Voice seems to be minimal, and the software program capabilities nicely overall.

If you need to give the RTX Voice beta a shot on your Nvidia GPU (RTX or otherwise), you may download it properly here. Just be conscious that the software program is still in beta, and will probably be at risk of the (hopefully) occasional glitch as a result.

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